June 26th, 2021   George's Tavern, Racine WI



With special guest Ash Can School.  Show starts at 8:00pm.



July 10th, 2021   Fusion, Kenosha WI



With special guest Primitive Broadcast Service.  Show starts at 6:00pm.



August 20th, 2021   Gas Lamp, Des Moines WI



With The Eleanors and Bigby Woods.  Show starts at 8:00pm.



September 11th, 2021   Union Park Tavern, Kenosha WI



With special guest Lollygagger.  With special guests Lollygagger. Show starts at 6:00pm.



September 24th, 2021   The Foundry, Lakewood, OH



With special guest Sir Cadian.  Show starts at 7:00pm.