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The polar horizon 
Brings an atomic force of magnetic love
It’s destiny brought upon
The events of last years motivation to change

Standing free waiting for the tide to break
Peace in such a state of conscious
To let the motion go for
A new an altered version

A paramount event
Brings all colors to a new light
Surrounded by darkness
That only envy’s all its might’

Seeing double down a single stream
That changes the course of history
As all our faith floats next to our enemies friends
As all your masters and pastors question the subatomic change

We will continue in the wave of flight
As the world has changed fo you and i
It’s a new perspective
Of a panoromic

One which will one day die
But it’s alright
One which will one day die
But it’s alright
One which
But its alright
We who you are has been here since the beginning of time

Since the beginning of time

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