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Donoma Falling Forward Album Cover.jpg

He Loves Me Not


Shall I spread my legs for you Mister Man

Shall I do those awful things for you once again

You can invite me over, sneak me into your bed

Oh, how angry they'll be if I told what I did

Mother are you gonna have him over again

Do you ever wonder what happens when I go with him

I'd tell you but that would make a liar out of me

And I think it would hurt you to see

I sold myself to the devil

And the Devil loves me so

If he didn't love me he wouldn't do all these things

The Devil he loves me I know

I promise I won't tell on you Mister Man

I won't tell about the awful things I did

I know that I tempt you, I'm so sorry I do

It must be terrible what I put you through

Tell me again where all the bad children go

Do they hurt them there, I hope that they don't

I know I've been bad, but oh, what should I do

My innocence has been taken by you

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