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Ballad Of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School


Just another ordinary day, the clocks strike 2:19

Everyone's waiting to hear the dismissal bell, once again they are free

Two minutes creep by the suddenly there is confusion all around

Cause there are noises in the hallway and alarms begin to sound

The first was a tragedy

A dozen more we made a choice

Fear rolled through still most nobody knew that danger was on their grounds

He was on a mission to turn lives upside down

Shots echoed through the building, barely any time to hide

With six minutes and twenty seconds, seventeen injured, seventeen died

The safety of our children lost out

To unlimited gun rights

They began marching in unison ready to fight right to the end

They now feel the future of lives are in their hands

Not given any time for grieving though friends, sons, and daughters are no longer breathing

All this gun violence keeps on continuing, children are shouting never again

With money the N.R.A. tries

To make us believe their lies

Dana Lash tries to explain why guns are more important than their lives

But the people were not buying it, after what they have lived they will fight

Children left to clean up another mess adults have made

With fire in their souls they spit in the eyes of the enemy N.R.A.

What are we protecting, cold steel over life

How we protect our children, people it's our choice

Never again politics and money over life

People it's our choice

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